Monday, June 9, 2008

Papa takes one for the team

We had a little scare this past week. Papa (Derrick's Dad) came in town to help us with some house projects. Things were going very well...we got our swamp cooler in and got our railing fixed and then we were working on the downstairs bathroom trying to get it functional. While spraying texture on the walls the fumes ignited and we had a flash fire. Luckily everyone was okay. Papa spent some time in the hospital and got burned on his arms, hands, and face but he still has his good looks! The boys and I were upstairs at the time and we all are fine and the fire didn't do too much damage. We were able to clean up the majority of the damage over a couple of days. Thank goodness the Lord is looking out for us!

Tony's Award

Tony got a medal at school for being the top reader in his 1st grade class. He scored 40.7 points and the top 2nd grader scored 47 points. Way to go Tony!!

Derrick's Opera

Last year Derrick performed the role of Marcello in La Boheme. We love watching him perform!

Best friends

Tony and Turner love doing things together. They are the best of buddies!

Tony and Turner

We planted a garden last summer with the Jones' family and are hoping that this one will be as successful! Our boys LOVE working in the garden! Wish us luck.