Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It was amazing! I rolled over to look at the clock and it sai 4:45 am. The babies slept!! Both! They went to bed about 8:00 pm. I feel like a new woman. Of course they wanted to be awake at 5am but hey! Consecutive sleep!


Tried to get em both smiling but they got distracted by the camera

Good Morning

Did a little video for a good morning. Sawyer was smiling but got camera shy.

Levi strikes again

I thought Levi had found all the cool places to take a nap in the house...nope! He has some new places he found!

Yes. Those are underwear. He is officially potty trained. I think those look like they are backwards...hehe. He is independent and sometimes lets me know that "they are on right mom!"
Sawyers car seat. Awesome!

Hoarding tendencies?

Turner with his PILE of stuff on his bed

I don't know if you have seen the show "Hoarding" but we tease eachother about hoarding tendencies when we have some stuff pile up. I admit I LOVE school supplies. There is something about a new box of crayons, colored pencils, paper, and notebooks. I love them. AND I love the prices for back to school time. So of course I stock up. Just because we have like 10 boxes of crayons doesn't mean we don't need more? We MIGHT run out :). And Derrick admits he does have a thing for games and puzzles. We cleaned out a few this past weekend but we have enough games to play a new one every day for at least a month...and puzzles? We have a lot of those too.

So when I was changing the sheets in the boys' room, I noticed Turner had a pile of stuff on his top bunk. Pencils, paper, colored pencils, crayons, craft sticks...I mean who knows when you will be stuck on your bed and need some craft sticks? Levi is the same way only he has his "sack of joy" which at this point is his backpack full of all his favorite things: cards, cars, guys, little toys, etc. It is always an adventure when making their beds.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tony's birthday paty!

Look at all that yummy goodness!!
Tony with his friends


Levi enjoying his sundae

Tony wanted to do a swim/sundae party with a couple of his friends. We went to the water park then we came back and made collossal icecream sundaes and played Wii. Pretty cool party!


So since we have been back, it has been pretty easy for me to get Sawyer and Briggs asleep. I realized that isn't always a great thing. They have been sleeping for me during the day and not at night. We tried keeping them more awake during the day but a couple days ago realized that maybe they are ready for their own cribs.

It was kind of sad moving them to their own room and setting up the monitor but it seems to help a little bit as far as their sleeping. Hopefully now that they are not hitting and kicking eachother, they will be able to put together a good night's sleep.

The silkies have been amazing. I can't believe how much the babies calm down and snuggle into them. They absolutely love them and it is nice to use them for them to go to sleep! So amazing. Thanks for helping me make them G-ma!

Crazy Trip

Well we made it back from our trip. It was wonderful to be able to spend that time with everyone. We owe GG (great-grandma) a big hug and kiss for helping me drive all the way up and back. She is awesome and a good sport. (I don't know many people that would volunteer to drive 5 boys...2 infants...about 12 hours away.) It was so incredible to see everyone. I hope we have many more fun road trips. The boys were awesome. They traveled great. Everyone pitched in and helped out.

Derrick realized that it isn't as much fun to come home after work when you come home to an empty house. It was much too quiet for his liking. It is great to be back together as a family. Next trip we will have to make sure he can come.

Visiting gravesites and 90th birthday party

We visited my Grandmas gravesite. This was my mom's second mom.

This is who my grandpa is named after. Evera Morgan.

This is where my mom's first mom was buried, Grandma Annie. This is where Grandpa will be buried when he dies. It was cool that all these graves were so close together.

All the girl cousins were so helpful....oh to have a girl that loves to hold babies

Carter waiting to go down the slide at the birthday celebration for my Grandpa.

Almost everyone made it into this family picture. Derrick isn't here :(. He had to stay home and work.

Tony zooming down the slide

Turner having a turn

At the campfire

Levi and G-pa became really good buddies. The kids roasted marshmellows and did some smores. They were good.

Zac was doing some really cool things with his camera. He exposed the picture for a long time and the cousins were all making cool shapes with light on the pictures.

Looks like a perfect ending to a long day to me :)

A day at Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls was very beautiful and cool. It was fun to get sprayed by the mist.

All the cousins with Uncle Zac

The 3 older boys looking at the falls

Whoa it is a far ways down!

The twins are up at the top. The stairs were too tricky to navigate.

Crazy silly faces!

Tony playing football with Uncle Kemp and Kade.

Levi rolling down the hill just like his older brother Turner.

Turner and Kloe were best buds all week. They were always being seen together.

Shannon and Cooper

Nana and Briggs.

My dad brought some ball gloves and we threw the ball around a bit. It was a lot of fun. Nice and cool. I love the nice summer days. Turner kept asking while we were on vacation..."Why is Utah so hot? Why is Idaho so hot?" I explained to him that it is summer. I guess that I confused him because we said we would "escape the heat" of Arizona by going out of town. I guess he was hoping for snow and blizzards :)

Meeting up with friends

We spent one night with our friends up next to Twin Falls. It was so nice to catch up and have a little "girl time". I am glad we ended staying there that night...Briggs ended up throwing up all night and they had a washer/dryer we could use :) Thanks! The older boys had fun running around a fun backyard and playing with Caleb and Colby.

Hanging with the cousins

The second half of the vacation we spent time with the Christensen side of the family. Here the boys are playing on the mini golf course that was at the KOA.

Tony and Kade

More fun at G-ma's

The last night we spent at G-ma's and Papa's we went to a baseball game complimentary of Uncle Darren and Aunt Bri. G-ma stayed home with the twins and I got to hang out with the older 3 boys. It was a lot of fun. I was definitely entertained...the game was good too.

Towards the end of the game it got pretty exciting. Our team even came back to pull ahead by 1 point. I had Turner and Levi chanting with me different baseball cheers. We had some hecklers sitting in front of us that Levi kept repeating. Like "c'mon can't you see that wasn't a strike" and stuff like that. (It always cracks me up. I am sure we had a better view of the strikes and balls than the home plate umpire since we were really far down the left field lane :) ) The language was clean so I let the heckling go. Levi was having fun being in the spirit of the game.

Turner got bored with watching partway through and decided he would do some "exercising" sliding up and down the railing.

Blue icees from Uncle Darren hit the spot!

Yes...that is a bite out of Levi's cup. Apparantly styrofoam tastes good.

Pictures of everyone

G-ma and Tony made waffle cookies for his birthday celebration. They were really good. We spelled Happy Birthday on each of the cookies. Great birthday cake idea.

Tony and Turner spent all afternoon making water balloons. They kept trying to make the bubble at the top as big as they could. I think this one is pretty impressive.

G-ma posing for the camera...haha. Grilling some dogs.

What is summer without a great water balloon fight?

Playing catch with a new toy.

Levi always says "Cheese Pizza!" every time he smiles for the camera.

10 years old!