Thursday, June 25, 2009

Levi's Bath

Thought I would update you on Levi. I notice that I am not really including many pictures of him. He is growing fast and LOVES to splash in his bath!

Fun at Papa and Grandma's House

A couple of weeks ago I went up to Layton, UT to spend some time with Derrick's parents. Yes, I took the trek with my three boys on a 8 hour trip by myself. Derrick had to stay and work to fund my week of fun. We piled the van high with stuff, took out the captain chair and then put the boys in and finished packing behind them :) I am very grateful to have a wonderful trip. The boys were great and Derrick packed us all some "goodie" bags that we could munch on in the van. Levi did very well and the 8 hour trip only took 10 hours.

We had a lot of fun playing in the pool in the backyard, I went on some much needed hikes/runs. I got to spend some time with my sisters-in-law and my niece. (Who ALMOST warmed up to me by the time we left). I had a little mini-makeover and got my hair done. Derrick flew up a few days later and we were able to go to a movie together, dinner, and the zoo.
The Zoo was a lot of fun. The whole week was a little rainy. We were watching the bird show at the end and then the floods came! The show got cancelled and we ran for it. We made it to the car completely soaked and then dried off at the Spaghetti Factory later that night.
One of the highlights of the trip (I think Papa and Grandma planned this for the boys and not me) was our trip to Chuck-E-Cheese's. I had Levi in my front carrier and was going around helping the kids with their games when I suddenly spyed a basketball game! I put in a token and I was hooked. Needless to say, I played that game over and over and over. BUT I did really well! I KNEW all those hours I put into practicing for High School would pay off!!! I was earning tickets! Haha!! We finally ran out of tickets, Levi had a bunch of basketball treads in his hair, and we walked with a couple of balls that we traded all those hard earned tickets! Thanks Papa and Grandma! It was a blast :)

More Fun at Eliches

Recently we got to spend a day at Eliches and Derrick was able to get some time off! It was awesome. The boys excitedly showed him all the fun rides and we rode the "Disaster Canyon" ride enough that the person running the ride said, "Back again, huh?"

We checked out the Survivor show and were ready for some more Elich fun when the storm rolled in and we got rained out. I think this is becoming a theme for this summer. Rain, rain, and more rain. Our garden is loving it.


So with some peer pressure from some good friends of ours here in Aurora (the good kind of peer pressure :) ), we splurged this year and decided to get some season passes to Eliches. So I have someone to hang out with and talk to while the kids go on ride after ride. (Levi can ride the carousel so that is a favorite of ours.) At first the boys were pretty timid to try the rides but recently we have ventured out of kiddie land to try some of the more "moderate" rides. In these bumper car pictures, I am sitting on the bench feeding Levi while Tony and Turner get in line...over and over and over. Perfect!

S'mores at the reunion

Everyone likes their marshmellow toasted a little differently. Derrick likes 'em flamin', I like mine golden brown, Tony likes his brown on the top, Turner likes his golden brown and puffy, and Levi hasn't decided how he likes his.

Family Reunion

Some cute picts of the cousins at the reunion.

Family Reunion

We had SOOO much fun on our Family Reunion. We went camping in Grand Junction at the KOA over Memorial Day. If you notice the dark clouds looming in the background that is what we had the whole time :) Rain and fun! The rain may have cancelled a couple of activities but we made lots of memories and everyone had a blast. And yes...our tent can withstand heavy rain...over and over.