Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moved and on vacation

We are officially out of our house in Aurora. We are very sad to go. We had an awesome ward and wonderful friends. The boys loved their school. We will miss everyone a lot. Thanks to all that helped with the packing and cleaning and just were great friends for us.
We are excited about the move to Arizona. Derrick is enjoying his training so far but is excited to get into the real work. We are very proud of him. He is doing awesome. He found us a wonderful house to rent while we are there in a great community with an awesome school. The boys are excited to be able to walk to school and I am excited to do a lot less driving! We will post pictures when we get them and we get settled.
A big thanks to Deb (Derrick's sister) who came and spent a week with us to help us get all packed and moved. I would have been totally sunk without her help. This pregnancy has made me super tired and I am not supposed to do much lifting (that is pretty hard when you are moving and your husband is in another state!).
We had a stopover in Fort Collins to stay with my mom overnight. It was great to have her help and her boxes to help us move. Saturday we braved the trek to Utah and made it. Hopefully we will be able to relax and actually enjoy the Christmas season. Derrick will be flying here on Wednesday to spend Christmas and then we will be driving down to AZ on the 26th to get life going again. It has been a great adventure so far and I hope the rest will be just as fun :)

Girls or Boys or One of Each??

We just got our ultrasound done earlier this week. Derrick was in Phoenix so my mom was there with me. She had not seen an ultrasound for about 30 years so this was pretty cool for her to be able to do.
Turner and Tony both wanted a girl and a boy. They thought that 2 girls would just be too much girl in our house. Derrick and I just wanted healthy children.
So we found out that we are having...2 boys!! We are super excited. That will make 5 boys in all. I am excited because we already know boys and it will be really fun to have all of them the same sex. We will definitely have to be investing in another fridge in another couple of years :P Boys eat a lot.