Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Learning to stand

Levi is learning to stand and so I tried to catch it on camera. It was a little tricky because he kept going for the camera. Levi is definitely my earliest mobile kid. He climbs both sets of stairs, into the dishwasher and I even caught him trying to climb up on my table. We definitely have our hands full. But he has the most fun personality that (I hope) will keep the humor in the craziness that he will create. He is 9 months old now.


Dressing up for the Halloween party. For some strange reason we forgot to get a picture of me :( I dressed up as a witch. The boys are all characters from Toy Story. Tony is the alien, Turner is Buzz and Levi is Bullseye. Derrick dressed up as a chef. This is a fitting costume because he spent all week trying to perfect his "spicy" chilli recipe. He did an amazing job and won the prize for the hottest chilli.
On the actual day of Halloween we went up to my Mom's house for trick-or-treating. It was a lot of fun. Their neighborhood gave out some REALLY nice candy :) We stayed the night and went to church with them the next day. For Tony the highlight wasn't the was Grandpa's ribs. He loved them!!! He talked about them for the whole week after he had them! Go Grandpa!

Some Favorite friends

So life was pretty great here in Aurora, CO. We found some new friends (the Johnson's) that moved into our ward while Lynn went to Nursing school. Cameo and I became great friends. We did a lot together...even were pregnant together. Our kids got along great and they even convinced us to buy season passes at Eliches!

Well...all good things are not meant to last forever. We couldn't convince them to stay here in CO and they moved back to Arizona the end of October. They mentioned something about the crazy weather of Colorado that they didn't like. But what isn't to like about 40 degree temperature swings? But life goes on...(sniff) and we still keep in contact. Hopefully we can arrange a time when we can get together again.

Here are some pictures so...(as Tony put it) we can remember the good times :)

This is the last night the Johnson's were here. They are madly trying to pack up their house and we came over to distract them :)
Turner and Ezra are only a month apart...but they look the same size!
Ezra and Turner

I think they might be trying to share...

Jonah, Granger, and Turner...BIG hug!

Jonah and Turner


Tony and Cora

Turner, Jonah, Cora, Tony, and Granger

We sure miss you guys!


I have started a Preschool this fall and am really enjoying it. Turner LOVES going to preschool and it is nice to have his help. It all started out as kind of a little idea...and then got bigger. I started with 8 kids (including Turner) and my friend Monette watches little Levi for me while Xander (her son) comes to preschool. I love learning all the little personalities and watching them discover the world of learning.
A couple of kids have moved away :( I have picked up another girl so we are back up to 7 kids! Turner is the crazy one on the bottom right. :P