Friday, November 25, 2011

Babies' Thanksgiving


Tony and Turner got the turkey legs.

Doesn't that look amazing?

Derrick loving the bird with a seasoned butter rub. I thought this year I would get to make my first turkey because we were doing our own Thanksgiving. I was wrong. Derrick and the boys did the turkey and I gotta say--it stole the show!

Everyone helped with the pies!

Tony and I made the pumpkin roll. Delicious!

Turner and Derrick made the stuffing...MMM yummy!


The boys built a pyramid out of sugar cubes for part of our Egypt unit.

At the park

The boys love playing in the sand.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Petting Zoo Birthday



Baby chicks

We had a friend have a birthday party for her 2 yr olds and they had a petting zoo. The boys thought it was fun. Derrick was cheering on Tony in the Veterans Day Parade. He looked great in his scout uniform.


We made "Spooky Punch" and "Spooky Pizza" for dinner for Halloween. The boys helped decorate the house and set up a spider booby trap at the front door. It was fun to get into the season.

Think I put too much dry ice in...whoops!

Tony and Turner designed the pumpkins and Derrick carved them.

Egyptian Magicians

The trick-or-treating totally wore Levi out.

Derrick and Briggs passed out candy

Sawyer was my costume

Buzz and 2 Egyptian Magicians

We were studying Egypt in history and the boys decided they wanted to be Egyptians. Tony was one for the church party and Turner decided that was pretty cool so he wanted me to make him one too. He no longer wanted to be the alien from Toy Story. So I slaved away (those puppy dog eyes are too hard to say no to) and we had 2 Egyptians. I thought the costumes turned out great.

Halloween fun

This is before the Halloween party at the church. Derrick took the older boys and I stayed home with the twins (they were sick). They had fun!

Tony really getting into the dancing. :P

Cell Party

We studied cells ( plant and animal) and decided to throw a party with some friends from the homeschool group.

Animal Cell posters. Plant cells are on the other side
Model of an animal cell made out of jello

Plant cell

Levi sporting his "Cowboy the Horsey" costume. We used the eggs for a relay race as "proteins traveling along the Endoplasmic Reticulum", played "Nucleus Says", a variation of Sharks and Minnows with everyone being Lysosomes and catching the "waste" in the cell, and a matching game. Everyone had fun.

Interesting afternoon

Just took a couple of picts of everyone in the same room doing different things.





This is the Halloween costume Levi wore 2 years ago....He called it "Cowboy the Horsey" He had fun wearing this for a couple of days.

First foods

This oatmeal wore him out! I am sure there will be some who look like this after Thanksgiving dinner.
Lucky for me I've only been sneezed on a couple of times. You would think I would be better at getting the food IN their mouths. Sometimes I feel like I'm running through an obstacle course trying to get the spoon in their mouths...swinging arms that like to whack spoons and send food flying, hands trying to grab the spoon and shoving the food in their mouth, and tongues that try to do everything BUT swallow:)

Labor day fun

Yeah...I know. It is November but this was a really cool display of fireworks.

This is the 2nd part

This was done in Snowflake. We got the fireworks from Derrick's parents. It was so much fun to see it go off!

First foods

The boys are professional eaters now. I just have Sawyer on camera for this. It is funny how much more difficult it is to feed 2 babies at a time than I thought. They are both so impatient when it isn't their turn :)

Bath time

Sawyer loves to splash!

Briggs's turn

Monday, November 14, 2011

10 o'clock at night

So...this kid has sleeping issues. I think it is fair to blame them all on my husband :) He decided at 10pm to get a bunch of books out of the twins' room and read them. At least he was being quiet?

Yeti part 2

Attack of the yeti videos

Saturday, October 15, 2011


We learned about archaeology and decided do do a "dig" at the park. Turner was a little enthusiastic about buryin a couple items and we "donated" them to the sand.

Don't you love our grid?

Levi helped too