Monday, February 8, 2010

Levi's Birthday Party

We went up to my mom's house for Levi's birthday party. It was an awesome time and great to bake and decorate a cake with my mom. We made Levi a racetrack because he loves cars so much!

Mom and Levi.

Levi driving his car across the highchair.


Levi thought at first he was supposed to climb his presents instead of open them.

There he goes.

Levi loved the books, clothes, cars, and babyproofing stuff(thanks a ton MOM!) that he got for his birthday.

Turner the cuddlebug with his Dad after the party. Tony took the picture! Nice job Tony!

Levi Longboarding

Levi wanted to try out his Uncle Zac's longboard.

Happy birthday Levi

Levi eating his cake


Levi loves his new toy he got for his birthday from Papa and Grandma

Skateboarding...I mean Longboarding

Zac, my brother, is into Longboarding(don't even think of calling it a skateboard) and Levi loves EVERYTHING with wheels so he wanted to try out the longboard! Gooooo Levi!

Blue and Gold Banquet

Tony earned his wolf at his Blue and Gold Banquest this past Saturday and he wanted me to make a wolf cake for the cake contest. He helped make the cake and spread the white frosting one and did the blue sprinkles...Congratulations Tony on an awesome job! He has worked so hard on his scouts.

Derrick's Birthday

We went bowling on Derrick's birthday. We all had fun. And even though Derrick bowled probably the worst game of his life it was sure an awesome day! (I'm sure the 2 massages he had earlier in the day didn't help his bowling effort!)

Tony is an awesome bowler!

Turner loved the green ball like Tony.

Learning to walk

Levi likes the plunger and was walking with it! I have it on good authority that my Dad learned to walk like this also :)

Levi the plumber

So I found Levi in the downstairs bathroom the other day checking out the toilet. Maybe he wants to be a plumber?


Derrick and Turner ice skating in Fort Collins.

We had an awesome Christmas this year and are super blessed with wonderful family and memories that we all shared :)

We came home after spending a couple days with Nana and Grandpa to open presents at our house.

Ice skating up in Fort Collins... the kids did awesome but it was a LOT of work!

Go TONY go!

Tony and his cousin Kade.

Nana and Grandpa bought matching pajamas for all the grandkids. They all had fun wearing them.

Levi opening his pajamas.


Just a quick hug! Love you babe!


We had SOOO much fun with Derrick's family for Thanksgiving. Darren invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner...
The boys played lots of nintendo while we were there.
Mmm....waiting for some food :)

Grandma and Levi

Tony wanted the Turkey leg!

I think the leg was too heavy for Turner to eat.

We had lots of fun!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We put up the Christmas Tree this year before we went up to Utah for Thanksgiving. We all had a lot of fun putting up the ornaments. (The ornaments are Melty Beads that we worked on making all year. Fun and unbreakable :) )