Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tony earned his bear this past month and got it during the Blue and Gold Banquet yesterday. We are really proud of all the work he has done. He loves scouts and does an amazing job with it. I have to brag some more...he got on the Principal's list for having straight A's for the 3rd quarter. He also got the Fairness Award at school for his good character. Each teacher can pick a couple kids from their class, and Tony got it! He is doing so well. I guess it is a tradition here for the cubs to give their mom's a kiss after they get their wolf, bear, or webelos award. I loved it. Tony was super embarassed by it. :)

Tony pinning the Bear pin on me. Accepting the award

Levi and Dad at the Blue and Gold banquet. Levi was giving Derrick a kiss but our camera is too slow to catch it :(
Tony playing some games before everything started.

BIG muscles and best buddies

Turner showing off his "guns" Levi's "guns"
Turner and Levi LOVE posing for the camera and seeing themselves. They are best of friends and then...not so much. They get along great at times and then seem to find things to fight about. Overall, they have a lot of fun together and it is fun to hear them laughing at eachother.

Ultrasound pictures

It has been really neat to see the babies move each week with my ultrasounds and see them grow so fast. I had an appointment today (31weeks and 5 days) and the babies are doing really well. I feel like my body is falling apart but they seem to be happy as peas in a pod. They weighed 3lbs 1 oz and 3lbs 2 oz last week and this week they are weighing in at 3lbs 8 oz and 3lbs 11 oz. They are growing fast and really moving well.

This picture is baby "b" with his hand in front of his face. It was taken at 27 weeks. These 2 pictures are the clearest ones they have been able to get.
Baby "b"'s face with "a"'s knee/foot right next to "a". This picture was taken at 30 weeks. It is very difficult to get good 3D pictures with twins because they are so cramped in there and there needs to be a pocket of amniotic fluid in front of their faces for a good picture. We are all really excited to meet them.

31 weeks and growing

So...I asked Derrick to take another picture of me to see how much bigger I am than 5 weeks ago...and I had to chuckle. All of my shirts/pants seem "stressed" and stretched to the limit. Luckily my mom brought down some of my Dad's old t-shirts so I have something I can lounge around in that fit over my belly. My belly hurts just thinking about a few more weeks of stretching. These little boys are definitely pushing my body to its limits.

Wearing underwear?

Levi thinks that these Diego underwear are really cool. We are not quite ready for potty training so I figured that wearing them on the outside of his pajama pants weren't too big of a deal? If you notice on his right hand looks like a sock or glove...he has decided that all the baby clothes he has to try on first. He is wearing a baby glove and he tries on whatever baby socks he can get his feet into.

Turner is a photographer

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

So we had an exciting Spring Break. My mom and little brother, Zac, came for a few days and we had some fun. We tried to fit a lot in including some swimming, rock climbing, and playing at the park. My mom finished putting up some cute things on my wall (thanks mom!) I feel pretty boring now-a-days. I can't do much besides relax. I am sure that I will be wishing for some relaxation time in the future.

The babies are growing am I. I thought I understood uncomfortable...but keep getting a better understanding of what that word means every day. I am just grateful that I am able to have the boys still growing in me and everything seems good.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So I went in to my ultrasound this week and they watched the babies move, breathe, heartbeats, and checked amniotic fluid. I guess they will be doing this every other week. It was pretty cool to sit and watch the babies move. Usually when I have seen an ultrasound, the technitions work pretty fast and move the wand around quickly. Baby B did everything he was supposed to but Baby A was sleeping (I think?) and didn't want to do his breathing excercises. The tech just left the camera there watching him for awhile and it was very cool to get to see him move and then what that felt like to me. I have just been feeling a whole lot of kicks and rolls and punches and not really knowing who was doing what or what the heck they were doing in there. I still don't know what they are doing most of the time but it was cool to see the movement. Their heads are right next to eachother just like last week and I wonder what secrets they might be telling eachother. They are both doing fine, they just had me do a little bit more monitoring. It is great to know they are getting bigger and doing well.