Thursday, September 29, 2011

A new adventure

We have decided to begin homeschooling. You may think I am crazy...and I might be a little bit. I feel like we are doing this as an answer to prayer. I think this will work out great for us. This has been something that has always been on my "radar" and now we feel is a good time to start. It is kind of a long story as to why we are doing it. Basically, we feel it is best for our family and the boys are super excited to learn at home. I have found an awesome homeschool group up here in Anthem that is very supportive and I think the boys are going to do awesome in this environment. I know this isn't for everyone, but for us we are ready to begin the journey! Wish us luck!


Just thought I would add a picture of my latest haul at the grocery store. I have been doing some couponing and while I don't have endless hours to try and save money I do try and save what I can. Here I bought $92.18 of groceries for $26.47. I know it will take a while to go through the 12 packs of gum and all the juice but when you get a good price...ya gotta stock up!

Tony figured out yesterday how much money I would save if I averaged this amount of savings per week over the year. $3416.92. Pretty good? We also figured I spent about 3 hours gathering everything together and shopping for the food. I "made" $21.90" an hour. Go coupons!

Raingutter Ragatta

This was my first experience with a Raingutter Ragatta. Tony built a boat from a kit and they raced them down a raingutter by blowing on the sails. Tony did well and won the "Cubmaster's Choice" award. I think it was because he had a smiley face on his boat :)

Afterwards they cleaned out a raingutter and lined it with wax paper and filled it with little sundaes. The kids thought it was awesome eating out of a trough.

Levi wasn't tall enough for the trough but we got him a spoonful of icecream.


So I went to a meeting Saturday night and came home to haircuts! Derrick thought he would sneak some buzzes in while I was gone. I love the boys' hair a little longer but no one likes to comb it! Go figure! So I get some buzzed kids. They are still cute though :)

Thank goodness he finished off the buzz.

Family pictures

Rocking chair

Need I say more?


Turner wanted to go outside in the morning about a week ago. He came in about 5 mins later complaining that he was cold. Cold? Itr was probably high 70s...hehe...I told him to put on a jacket. Levi loves being like Turner so he decided he needed his big coat. It was classic. Tony enjoying the cool weather minus a shirt...Levi in a heavy coat, underwear and sandals, and Turner in a jacket and sandals. I think the boys have officially acclimated to the weather.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Levi and Sawyer

Sawyer looks so big next to Levi. I think they are only about 10 pounds difference. So cute!