Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boys...boys...and more boys

The boys made a super fort. It was pretty awesome!

Happy boys!

Tony and Turner taking turns holding Sawyer

Levi spilled something on his shorts and so went to get another pair. These were in his drawer but obviously too big (they are Turner's shorts) and Levi couldn't be convinced that they were not his...Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.

Happy Sawyer!

Say Cheese!

Levi hidin'

It was about 10pm and I was super tired. I walked into my room and noticed there were some blankets out of place on the floor. I walked over to the bed and was going to pull down the covers and noticed that there were some little arms sticking out of a blanket...

Yep! It was Levi. He was obviously "hidin'" and fell asleep waiting for someone to find him. :) He is being so creative with finding new places to sleep. haha.

Chore Chart

My kids love Chore Charts. Well...they like them better than me telling them what to do all the time (and I like them being responsible.)

I put it on canvas and stenciled their names on with permanent marker.
This is a picture of it all done. I sewed vinyl on for pockets. The boys can move a chore that they have done over to the done side of the pocket. Each person has their own color and the orange cards are for earning some extra money. It is great. We just have to sew some buttons on by their names. Each person gets to pick out pins or buttons that showcase their personality. When we go up to Utah, we are going to do a dowel rod on the top so we can hang it on the wall.
Easy and fun project :)

Turner's cake

Turner wanted a maze for his cake so we made a brownie bottom, chocolate frosting and wafer cookies for the maze.

He had fun decorating it with traps and gummy bears.
Yay! 6 years old!

Wow...Levi needs a haircut :)

Notice the darker spots are "swampy" chocolate.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I love waking up to smiling boys.

I hear this the first part of the day.

This is what I hear the second half of the day. Sometimes I hear them at the same time.

Derrick said you should play them both at a time and loop it for the full effect. :P

Happy Birthday Turner!

The day started off great with Turner's 6th birthday! We had sausages and chocolate chip pancakes. Turner got to be in charge with the whole day so he decided he wanted to go swimming. He opened a couple presents and wore his new goggles and swimming suit to the pool.

I don't even have a comment :)
Briggs dreaming about eating at the pool.

Sawyer relaxing

I tried to convince Levi to wear this hat all day...lasted about 30 mins.

Brothers playing with the diving sticks in the wading pool.

Sawyer is excited for cake!

Dad, Tony and Turner making cake balls

Levi and Turner playing with the outside paint that Nana gave Turner.

Whew! Looking at this picture makes me feel hot. Notice the beautiful desert landscape.

After we got done playing Turner got to pick what he wanted for dinner. He wanted "Ramen Noodles, Hot dogs, or bratwurst...but mostly ramen noodles." After much coaching from his older brother "Turner, you can eat whatever you want. You can even pick going out to eat like corn dogs at Sonic!" "But I really feel like Ramen Noodles" Turner said.

They went back and forth for a good 20 minutes before Tony had Turner convinced that Sonic was the way to go. So we had Sonic for dinner. :)

Happy Birthday Turner! Hope it was awesome! Next week he gets to have his friends over for a party.

Friday, July 15, 2011

This little piggy

Sawyer is hungry and done playing with Levi

This little piggy...

Briggs and Levi

Levi is trying to show Briggs his keys

Just Chillin'

Briggs just getting comfortable
Sawyer must be having a good dream

Photo Op

Briggs was being super cute and smiling like crazy so I tried to get it caught on camera.

Everything was going well

And then the photo op ended ubruptly...he is still cute when he is angry though :)

I couldn't just post pictures of Briggs smiling so I thought I would catch a smile from Sawyer too.

His smiles are a little quicker and I didn't quite catch it at the right time.

I love his facial expressions.


And the elusive smile.