Thursday, July 24, 2008

Number 3 heard right. We are going to add to the Johnson Family. We are expecting in mid February and are really excited!! Feel free to add some cool name ideas for the new one. We will be finding out if it is a girl or a boy at about 20 weeks. I am feeling okay...pretty tired and a little nauseous, but that is standard. Tony, Turner, and Derrick are being very supportive and letting me get some relax time which I appreciate! Thanks fam! Both boys are excited for having a new baby. I tried to explain girl and boy differences to Turner the other day and it was pretty interesting.

Other than that this summer has been really good. Tony has been reading Beverly Cleary books, Boxcar Children books, and anything else he can get his hands on. He is excited about starting 2nd grade and learning even more this next year. We have been biking a lot and really enjoying that.

Derrick is trying to get ready for his new job opportunity. He is going to be teaching in Grand Junction while Dr. Atkinson is on sabatical (hopefully spelled correctly) next semester. He is taking over both choirs and Ear Training (I believe). It is a really exciting time for us and hopefully we will get some ideas of what the future holds for the Johnson fam.

I have been watching kids and trying to keep my garden afloat. We didn't get the soil ready very well this summer and I think that is part of the problem. So if anyone has any gardening ideas or tips I would sure appreciate them so that we can get more than a few green tomatos and 10 pea pods next year :) Yeah...I know pretty lame. But I guess you don't learn unless you give it a try.

Family Reunion

The food was awesome (as usual) at a Christensen gather. Here we are all enjoying the food that Grandpa and Nana brought. (Even the sucker was from them) Meghan is on the left with Kyra in the middle. Carter is on the right and Grandpa is holding Carter and Kadence!!
(I still haven't figured out how to arrange these pictures so they look good :) ) Oh well!
We played in the water at Highline Lake in Grand Junction where we camped. It was beautiful weather and an awesome gather!

Christensen Family Reunion

We had a blast at the Family Reunion Turner and Kloe loved the corn!

Derrick and Tony posing for the camera!Kara with 2 of their kids, Kade and Kloe.
Shannon with Carter (Ky and Shannon's youngest)

Turner turns 3!!

Turner turned 3 last week and we all got together to celebrate!! Mom made a "treasure chest" cake and we invited some friends over to the park for a water balloon fight. It was a really fun time.