Monday, August 18, 2008

Tony's 7th birthday party

We had so much fun at Tony's party! We had some Wii games going and the kids were really getting into it!

Tony and Nolan were really getting into Wii Sports Boxing! Nolan is on the right throwing the right handed punches. It was fun for all! (especially those watching!)
It is amazing that trash talking starts at such a young age...LOL

Tony's 7th Party

Mom's Awesome cake!

Tony's friends at the party: (left to right)Cora, Nolan, Kimball, and Tony

Derrick was in charge of the gift bags (so of course it was a hit). The kids posing w/ their funny teeth!

Tony's Birthday Party

We had SO much fun at Tony's 7th birthday party. I made a Wii remote control cake and Tony invited some friends over and we had some Wii fun!
Here is a little video of Tony "getting down" and grooving to some tunes with DK Bongos! He really starts grooving about halfway through! Enjoy! (Kimball is playing the bongos next to him.)

Oompa Loompa Dance

Hey everyone!

So if you have seen the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" then you will recognize this next clip. The kids practiced the dance moves all the way back from our 8 hour drive from Utah...