Monday, May 21, 2012

Sawyer and Briggs Turn 1!!

 Happy Birthday!  I actually dressed Sawyer and Briggs alike at church.  They were so loud and crazy.  I don't usually dress them alike, but it was really fun and they looked really cute.
 See our lovely childproof railing?  Very colorful.  The babies are getting ready for cake.

 We tried something a little different for cakes this time.  Everyone got to decorate their little racecars.  The boys all had fun.

 Party hats

 Turner and Tony's creations.  They look pretty good huh?
 Uncle Zac and Levi did their cars together.  I think Uncle Zac had fun too!
 Briggs was the first to dig in.  He thought that cake was pretty tasty.
 Sawyer had time to pose for the camera while eating.  He started throwing food earlier but I think Briggs ate more cake than he did.

After it was all over, we put them in a bath.  I knew they would make a mess, but wow.  I am suprised at how quickly they demolished a clean floor :)

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